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What sets us apart from other injection moulding and CNC manufacturers?

Competitive Pricing: our low overhead allows us to pass those saving onto you.
Custom Made: products are manufactured exactly to your specifications. There are few limitations on what we can produce — all you need is an idea!
Products for All Industries: we supply plastic and metal products to aircraft, food, medical, electronic, film & movie, telecommunications, automotive, packaging +plus other industries.
High Quality Standards: we invested in state-of-the-art equipment to meet your highest quality expectations.
MOST QUOTES CAN BE DELIVERED WITHIN 24 HRS OR LESS. So call us now: 604-204-0058
We can make something that is a custom “one-off” or even “mass produced” out of plastics or metal.
Ark Manufacturing Inc. has the capabilities to help you.

We work with all types of people from skilled Engineers, creative Inventors to Mechanics and the ambitious Entrepreneur.
“Whatever industry you are from we can handle your project from start to finish; from the design stage to prototype stage - on to the finished product and subsequently shifting it to mass production.”

It can be something simple, advanced, complex or almost impossible... All you need is an idea that wants a solution.
You can definitely entrust your vision & product development to Ark Manufacturing Inc.
We have the tools, resources and intelligence to make your product the way you envisioned it, if not better.

Due to our multi-industry prototype experience we can better assist our customers with potential design errors before they occur.
Our experience goes Beyond-Others.
We want to be an integral part of your efforts to be one of the best in your market. We have high-calibre equipment that is run by a professional machinist & design engineer with worldwide experience. We have the ability to produce small or large quantities quickly and with the precision that the laws of physics demand. We know from personal experience what it takes to do things right.

                                       CNC MACHINING
Our multi-industry CNC Machining experience allows us to provide components with rapid turnaround at the lowest possible cost for prototypes & production models.
In addition: Equipment development and specialized machining projects are all welcome.

Machining capabilities include turning, milling, jig boring, drilling, tapping, grinding, spring winding, EDM and secondary operations. Machined materials include aluminum, brass, bronze, coppers, copper alloys, steels, stainless steels, titanium and plastics. Highly skilled toolmakers are available to aid in your design utilizing state-of-the-art CAD/CAM software to insure functional, robust components are capable of performing under the extreme conditions that they will be subjected too.

                                Molds + Plastic Injection