In a Nutshell, About Us

ARK Manufacturing Inc. is a provider of innovative solutions for numerous industries, ranging from aerospace, telecommunications, medical and alternative energy. Our strengths lie in our Research & Development capabilities to aid our clients in originating industry leading products. We invest in state-of-the-art equipment to meet our customers’ highest quality expectations. Our innovative strategic approach has led to the development of our maintenance solutions division which focuses on providing our customers with state-of the-art lubrication solutions through our Ecoluber® line of products.

Utilizing the Ecoluber®'s unique-patented dispensing approach, ARK is able to provide a precise, reliable, and cost-effective maintenance solution.Our success is measured through the success of our clients and our purpose is to enrich businesses through our innovate and dynamic industry leading solutions.

Our mission is to drive innovation, create best-in-class quality products and solidify long-term customer relationships by adhering to our key principles:


When all is said and done, reliability is the measurement by which any company should be judged. ARK Manufacturing Inc. has earned the reputation of being a provider of innovative, high-performing, and rock-solid solutions. We credit our reputation to the fact that we control all aspects of the development process including design, in-house manufacturing and testing. Quality assurance has always been the watchword of our product development process.

Long-Term Relationships

We know the importance of long-term customer relationships, therefore, we believe in developing and fostering partnerships that are mutually beneficial. We view our success as dependent on our customers’ success, both now and in the future. Our solutions help our customers reduce costs, lower risk and grow revenues. We stand behind our products with unlimited technical support. In short, our goal is to help our customers achieve a competitive advantage by providing solutions that return superior business results.

Environmental Care

ARK Manufacturing Inc. prides itself in responsible sourcing and ethical practices. ARK Manufacturing Inc. we believe that corporate responsibility is the best strategic, as well as financial path that our businesses can follow. To maintain our environmental care philosophy we invest in initiatives that are not only driven by our founder’s philosophy, but at the same time prolong our products through re-usable functions that minimize waste.

Conflict Free Minerals Policy

ARK Manufacturing Inc. strives to have a DRC Conflict-Free supply chain, because we are aware of the ethical and human rights concerns associated with minerals mined in conflict areas in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and adjoining countries. ARK Manufacturing Inc. practices responsible sourcing to ensure that minerals mined in these areas do not make their way into our supply chain. Our due diligence process is focused on ensuring that all of our suppliers comply with applicable laws, are DRC Conflict-Free and expect that they source materials from socially and environmentally responsible suppliers.

Proudly Canadian

ARK Manufacturing Inc. designs and manufactures all of its products locally in Richmond BC, Canada. Richmond is the sister city of Vancouver, host to the 2010 Olympic games. It is a coastal seaport city known for its scenic views, mild climate, and friendly people. Known as one of the largest industrial sectors, it is home to the Port of Vancouver, and many of Canada’s largest and most diverse industries. Both Richmond and Vancouver have become increasingly popular in regards to aerospace, bio-technologies, and headquarters Canada’s leading forest and mining companies. This landscape provides the best environment to enable ARK’s innovative abilities.

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